How to Integrate Material UI with Rails


Google has released Material UI. Since then, Material UI is getting a lot of attraction from Designers and Developers around the world. This article will help you create Material UI application in Rails. Material UI Rails Integration This can be integrated with Rails via different frameworks - - React Components that implement Google's Material Design […]

Rails Slack Integration with Slack Notifier gem

Rails Slack Integration

In this article we will learn how to integrate slack with Rails applications using slack-notifier. Slack is a messaging app for teams. Slack comes with integration services with tools such as Github, Airbrake, Jenkins, Bitbucket and there are many. You can visit Slack services page for full details. Slack Notifier in Action There is a gem […]

What is new in Rails 5 (Features + Changes)


This article will discuss what is new in Rails 5. The changes like rails instead of rake, ruby 2.2.1+ support, performance improvements, action cable, rails api application will be discussed. 1. use rails instead of rake There are many commands in the Rails framework that are addressed by rake. it is kind of unclear on which command […]

Rescue nil in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails developers use rescue nil to get default value if particular expression evaluation fails. rescue nil is bad, very bad in terms of performance. We will learn why it's bad and what should be used in order to achieve the same result Ruby rescue syntax: 5 / 0 rescue nil; Above expression returns nil […]

Github Pages Custom Domain Godaddy Setup


Developers try Setting up the Blog with Github Pages and Custom Domain with Godaddy. This tutorial will help you to set up / point your Github Pages to your Custom Domain if your custom domain is registered with Godady! Step 1 - Create Github Pages/Site Create page/site that you would want to point to […]