Rescue nil in Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails developers use rescue nil to get default value if particular expression evaluation fails. rescue nil is bad, very bad in terms of performance. We will learn why it's bad and what should be used in order to achieve the same result Ruby rescue syntax: 5 / 0 rescue nil; Above expression returns nil […]

Github Pages Custom Domain Godaddy Setup


Developers try Setting up the Blog with Github Pages and Custom Domain with Godaddy. This tutorial will help you to set up / point your Github Pages to your Custom Domain if your custom domain is registered with Godady! Step 1 - Create Github Pages/Site Create page/site that you would want to point to […]

Send Push notifications to Android/iOS devices using Parse


This tutorial will help you to send Push notifications to Android and iOS devices from Ruby on Rails application using Parse Parse What is Parse? Parse can be used to increase user engagement with targeted push notifications to mobile devices having Android / iOS running. Push notifications can be sent across devices and platforms with […]

Ruby Screenshot Website Capture – Screencap, Phantomjs


This tutorial will discuss various tools for Ruby Screenshot capture such as Phantomjs (Command-line) Screencap (Ruby gem) Objective You need to capture screenshot of a particular web page and you want to do that programmatically by just passing an url then you can use of the gems that I have listed above. After reading this article, you […]

Ruby Flay Gem – DRY code base


Tutorial will discuss Ruby Flay gem used to DRY up Ruby/Rails application. Flay gem enforces Best practices to be followed while coding with Ruby and Rails Flay gem Source: Flay on Github When to Use? - To make your codebase more DRY!   Usage: 1) Install gem by - gem install flay 2) Process your […]