About Us

Hi there! My name is Akshay Mohite

I am a Rails Enthusiast, developing some awesome Web and Mobile based products at Droid5 Informatics which is a Mobile and Web development shop. If you have any idea that you would want us to develop, Let’s Talk!

I have previously worked at following organizations as a Developer.

These blog posts are my findings while exploring Technology.


Primarily working on Ruby on Rails. I have experienced different technologies like Java, PHP, C, C++, R Language (Statistics)

Have worked on ReactJS for more than a year and have good understanding of Front-end Technologies and frameworks like JavaScript, jQuery, Angular.

Recently have been exploring React Native, Android and Python.

You can follow my work on Github.


My interests include Blogging (this and few others), Reading Tech Blogs, Playing LAN games (Counter Strike)


Feel free to contact me at